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Arnie Roth Discusses Distant Worlds Premiers

10 Dec 2009

Earlier today, Arnie Roth and Nobuo Uematsu took part in an interview done at Chicago’s Flashpoint Academy. Final Fantasy XIV was brought up on several occasions, and those in attendance even got a look at the Tokyo Game Show trailer. It was discussed that the FFXIV music at the Chicago Distant Worlds concert would be a medley that contains two pieces of music from the upcoming game. We don’t know what those pieces will be, but you can look forward to my write up about it shortly after the event on Saturday evening.

There’s some other talk about how Nobuo Uematsu came to work on Final Fantasy XIV and what type of things he was shown to get a feel for the setting of the game. Below is a small clip from the interview, you can watch the entirety of the December 10th interview here.

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