Pet Food Alpha 180: The Pants Episode

Pet Food Alpha

  • Digital Downloads. Website Talk. Pants and more!
  • Ellia from Ifrit, Paulbunion from Ifrit, Vontri from Carbuncle, Sindjinn from Phoenix, Trigun from Quetzalcoatl
  • Final Fantasy XI Ultimate Collection available via Steam
  • New Wedding Support Service
  • Shantotto Fan Art Contest Winners Announced!
  • Youmacon Panel Audio Now Available- featuring Community Team interview
  • PFA Hosts now on Twitter!
  • New website in the works
  • Accepting Shantotto reviews soon!
  • Make sure to vote for PFA daily for this years Podcast Awards!

One thought on “Pet Food Alpha 180: The Pants Episode

  1. Blue Mages aren’t Cactuars… classic lol

    RE: The Rolanberry Market
    On Odin server, all the bazaars were in upper jeuno until they changed it so that when you zone a mob it no longer walks back and the bazaars moved into Batallia Downs to avoid the tax. THen they got rid of the tax and they all moved back into Upper Jeuno.

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