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Update on the Campaign Code

14 Nov 2009

We’ve previously reported on the campaign code for FFXIV that will be included with first edition copies of FFXIII in Japan.  Famitsu had reported that the promotion was only for Japan but we haven’t had official confirmation of that until now.

Square Enix has updated their support website for Final Fantasy XIV with a couple questions.  One of those pertains to the campaign code:

Japanese initial release packages of FINAL FANTASY XIII include a Special Offer Campaign Code for FINAL FANTASY XIV. This code can be used in FINAL FANTASY XIV to obtain an In Game Secret Item.

Currently, there are no details regarding how this code will be used and what type of item the code will provide. Additionally, possible inclusion of this code in North American or European initial release versions of FINAL FANTASY XIII has not been determined at this time.

So once again we’ll just have to wait and see if anything falls our way.

Thanks to Kyrra from FF14News for this information!