Pet Food Alpha 178: Mockingbird

Pet Food Alpha

  • Version Update, Shantoto, Mockingbirds, and more!
  • Zimmy, Snowshadow (ninja)
  • The Version Update Is Here!
  • Technical difficulty with forums (Sorry about that)
  • PFA Nominated for 2009 People’s Choice Podcast Awards
  • Youmacon audio is being looked at to see if it can be released.
  • How would you like to submit a Shantotto Ascension review to PFA?

3 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 178: Mockingbird

  1. reason why ‘good luck’ prolly wasn’t in the autotrans is cuz there’s not a way to say it in japanese. closest way is ‘ganbatte’ but ver batim, the translation is quite different. one of those things it feels “odd” to not have in another language. ie, its also not anywhere near common to say the equivalent of “how are you?” in Japanese

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