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Premiere Tracks Announced for Distant Worlds Chicago

9 Nov 2009

Distant Worlds Music From Final FantasyThe latest release of the Distant Worlds newsletter reveals some of the tracks premiering at the Chicago Distant Worlds Concert being held December 12th.

Included in the batch of tracks is further evidence of the Eorzea and Earth premiere of scores from Final Fantasy XIV that will be played during the concert.

Check out the rest of the premiering tracks from the newsletter after the jump.

  • FINAL FANTASY XIV (FFXIV) Eorzea & Earth Premiere
  • J-E-N-O-V-A (FFVII) World Premiere
  • Dancing Mad (FFVI) World Premiere
  • Suteki Da Ni (FFX) North American Premiere
  • Melodies of Life (FFIX) Chicago Premiere
  • Kiss Me Goodbye (FFXII) Chicago Premiere
  • Main Theme (FFVII) United States Premiere Prelude (FF VII) North American Premiere
  • Victory Theme (FF SERIES) Chicago Premiere
  • The Man With The Machine Gun (FFVIII) Chicago Premiere
  • Ronfaure (FFXI) Chicago Premiere
  • One-Winged Angel (FF ADVENT CHILDREN) Chicago Premiere