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Rumor: Campaign Codes for FFXIV? (oh yeah and some Chocobo images)

6 Nov 2009


Update: The french Final Fantasy information site, Final Fantasy World, has posted a number of scans from the article about FFXIII that will appear in an issue of Shonen Jump.  You can verify the source in one of those pictures unlike some of the other images that first started floating around various Japanese forums and blogs.  At the bottom, it says that first-run editions (i.e. preorders and copies bought soon after release) of FFXIII will contain a Campaign code for FFXIV.  No additional information is given on what the campaign code could be used for.  At this time, it is not confirmed to be a beta code or anything else.  Campaign codes are used in FFXI to give players special in-game items, like the codes offered with the recently released Hina Chocobo doll or the Tidal Talisman.  Chances are that if Shonen Jump has this information, it will be given to other press outlets as well so we’ll have to wait and see if more information becomes available.

Goonlinegames is reporting that the Shonen Jump (a Japanese magazine) is announcing that “a beta code for the beta of Final Fantasy XIV will be included in [Final Fantasy XIII] at release on December 17th.”  We’re looking to try to independently confirm/deny/translate this, but the scans for all to see are after the jump.  Note that there are also some images of the FFXIII chocobos as well!

Shonen Jump Image 1 Shonen Jump Image 2