7 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 176: Steak Has A New Mic


    I’m done son. You have no respect.

    Not for your other hosts or any job you don’t personally play…

    What an immature and sad display.

    Grow up.

  2. would love it if you guys would record your presentation at youmacon.

  3. @Iphigenia, what the yawn? poor timing on my part for sure, but i thought it ended up kinda funny. I don’t hate any other job, in fact i’m always interested in learning more about them. (which is why i talked about wanting to hang out with the bsts and smn in my ls after the update) I just love messing around with the other hosts, just as they enjoy messing around with me. I apologize if you were somehow offended.

  4. I was happy with the smn update and I completely agree… So late. This should have been out a long time ago. As for the avatar I also agree there too. It will be announced probably the day of the update.

    And if not? I really have to seriously consider going to 14. If nothing more than the fact that if they can’t code 2 simple avatars in 2-3 years or as just flat out lieing, how can I expect anything better in 14? It sets a bad presidence.

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