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Aetheryte Radio 4: Lifestyle

15 Oct 2009

Aetheryte Radio

On this episode of Aetheryte Radio we cover some post Tokyo Game Show interviews as well as jump into the latest update of the official Final Fantasy XIV website! We’re also excited to announce that we now have original music provided to us by DJPlaeskool!

Corinth joins us this week and discusses the large number of sources that are available to her in the Japanese Media. We’ve been shown all new disciplines in the forum of the Lancer and Alchemist. We’ve also been given the interesting look at the lifestyle of the Culinarian which leads us to a variety of discussions. This week we’re curious as to your thoughts on one of the new bits of information that we’ve heard- What do you think about crystals being used for cooking? Let us know in our forums!

We encourage you to leave feed back for the show if you haven’t already either via our forums or iTunes reviews. If you have any questions that you would like answered on a future show let us know at [email protected]