Pet Food Alpha 174: Drunken Mogwai

Pet Food Alpha

  • Seyomeyo. Art Contest. Wyrms and more!
  • This weeks guest: Seyomeyo, Carbuncle
  • Nimbalo from Alexander, Lordreno from Valefor, Giacomo from Valefor, Darkstar from Cerberus
  • Wings of the Goddess Nation Quests!
  • Announcing the Shantotto Fan Art Contest!
  • Harvest Festival 2009: Tales from the Cryptaru
  • Windows 2000 Support Coming to an End!
  • Final Fantasy XI Newsletter Issue #34
  • Announcing the Square Enix Support Center
  • Discussion Over Artwork Gives Hints At Future
  • Donate to Extra Life!
  • Nominate Pet Food Alpha for the Podcast Awards

4 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 174: Drunken Mogwai

  1. We have gotten a chip in the last few months, however the rate has definitely decreased. We get less pods in general, and the ones we get sometimes don’t even drop anything. We’ve been trying hard to get chips and really been unsuccessful also.

  2. The pods have been dry for my shell for a couple of months but last week we got 2 or 3 chips from one Omega run^^

  3. I’m with ya Steak, Chin definitely is the one smoking too much Moko Grass.

    I keeping hearing repeats of Chin’s in-game.

    Steak, you need to make sound clips of her in-game every week and play them back the following week right after she repeats her in-game hehe

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