Eorzeapedia 2.0 is now live!

11 Oct 2009

eorz_E_flareFor those following along in the forums and on IRC, we’ve been hard at work preparing a major overhaul of the site.  The back-end has been completely recoded from scratch.  We have a new look, complete with a new logo, new icons, and what should be a much more integrated site design and interface.  We’re still tweaking, and will be continuing to work on 2.1 (wiki skin) and some other enhancements to the site, but for now we’re calling it a night!  Let us know if you find any bugs or have any issues.  If you love something (or everything) about the new design – let us know!  If you dislike something (but not everything) – let us know that too and we’ll reexamine it for later updates.  To all those that helped create designs, icons, code – and those that tested and chatted and provided feedback already… thanks!