Official NA Website Updated!

7 Oct 2009

Once again, we see very positive movement by Square Enix to keep players updated around the world at the same time.  Today, as many of you already know, Weekly Famitsu magazine in Japan will be releasing an article talking about classes, tools crafters use, and new monsters.  They have also updated the official Final Fantasy XIV website for North America with similar information!


They have added new information in three categories which can be easily accessed at the bottom of the official site.  We learn a little bit more about cooking and crafting in the form of another “Day in the Life” story.  New monsters with information taken from the Raimdelle Codex is up for your viewing pleasure.  Some of the items these monsters drop is also listed.  Finally, a wide variety of classes are now up on the site confirming English names for many like Alchemist, Culinarian, Tanner, Lancer, Archer, Botanist, and more.

It’s really encouraging to see that the timing of the updates matches when new information is released in Japan.  Hopefully we see updates to the EU sites as well in the near future.