Questions & (some? any?) Answers from Square Enix

5 Oct 2009

Curse affiliate ffxivcore got to follow-up their gamescom interview with an email Q&A.  As those familiar with Square Enix Q&As from FFXI know, the “A” part is often filled with vagaries.  This Q&A is no exception – but let’s take a quick look.

Since Square Enix will never release new information to single websites, a number of questions were probably premature, but there was probably not a whole lot SE was going to give up no matter what the questions.  Core was able to ask 12 questions:

Q1: Will we be able to fly somehow either by ourselves free roaming or scheduled transport airships like in FFXI?

A1: At present, we have no plans for free-form aerial movement for players. We are, however, looking into a number of different types of flying transportation.

Q2: How will player run guild/linkshells work? What features can we expect and what benefits can a guild/linkshell get through progression if any?

A2: For the time being, we are still keeping this information secret. But, we are very adamant about creating an entirely novel system.

Q3: Will the races hold the same benefits as they did previously in FFXI, or will the stat bonuses be different and play a larger role? In addition, will faction choice play a bigger role? In FFXI we had separate mission lines and friendly competitions such as ballista. Will we see something similar or something dramatically different than FFXI system for different factions?

A3: The bonuses among races will be of a different variety than those seen in FFXI. But players need not be concerned with this when choosing a race based on aesthetics.

There is also an element of freedom in that players will not pledge their allegiance to a single city-state. This means that the guildleves or skills available will differ region to region, which all being accessible. Of course, this applies quests as well.

Q4: Will the artifact story line quests return for each class from FFXI? If not, will similar quest lines carry on a system of “right of passage” such as limit break quests?

A4: Character development along the lines of the Armoury system and skill levels will incorporate familiar concepts from FFXI as well as entirely new elements.

Q5: What do you expect the cap level to be in FFXIV at the start and/or at the end?

A5: This has yet to be decided. We will be setting the level cap after looking at the Beta phase results and other considerations.

Q6: Will there be a cooldown timer or anything that limits how often we can change class?

A6: There is no real concept of static “classes” in the traditional sense. Rather, there may be somewhat of a restriction placed on the changing of weapons or tools mid-combat.

Q7: Will there be something like a Mog House? Maybe this time around we will have an actual HOUSE, and not a little tiny room!

A7: Nothing is set in stone yet. There are a number of possibilities that we are still looking into.

Q8: Limit Breaks were powerful combat moves featured in several Final Fantasy titles. In FFXI we saw Weapon Skills and Magic Burst. Do you have any plans to include a similar system in FFXIV?

A8: This has not been decided at this time. But it’s safe to say that players can expect to see a completely new and revolutionary system.

Q9: Are there any plans to add female Roegadyn and male Miqo’te?

A9: Well, the character model designs are finished… But further details regarding their implementation have yet to be decided.

Q10: Will this FFXIV be more “new person friendly” than FFXI was? (Once everyone had been playing for years, it was hard for new people who started to be able to play, even with the “level sync” system that was added in later. Not to mention, finding armors/weapons in the Auction House was nearly impossible for new players. Barely anyone used the “mentor” system in FFXI either, or rather, there were barely any hosts.)

A10: We are developing in-depth introductory tutorials for new players. We are also designing the game while keeping in mind those users who enjoy playing solo, as well as those who can only log in for short periods of time. There will also be plenty of content for newcomers.

But, on the other hand, there will also be complex battles requiring large numbers of people for players more interested in content of that nature.

Our main goal is really to create a variety of ways in which to enjoy the game.

Q11: Will mobs actually drop armors/weapons like most MMOs or is FFXIV going to be like FFXI where you can only obtain these in Auction House or Crafting, or Raids?

A11: The complete details of this are still undecided.

As in FFXI and other MMORPGS, some monsters will drop armor and weapons. However, items that drop in this manner are always a target for RMT exploitation. So to avoid any kind of player exclusion, most instances of these drops will yield items which cannot be passed between players.

To put it broadly, there will be a number of ways available to obtain a number of different items.

Q12: Is crafting still going to be an integral and value added portion of the game and somewhat prohibitive so that a selected dedicated few will feel like they are part of the economy and adventuring aspects? (Crafting and not adventuring usually keeps me hooked)

A12: Players who wish to do so will be able to fully enjoy the game using only their crafting skills.

The same can be said not only for those wishing to specialize solely in synthesis of items, but those who prefer combat or the gathering of materials as well. All of these types of players will be important to the game world.

So did you learn anything? Let us know on the forums!