Pet Food Alpha 172: Pelican Ring

Pet Food Alpha

  • Version update, Miroku, Spills, and more!
  • Caterina, Einwol, Cloudus
  • New Version Update Scheduled for November!
  • Moblin Maze Mongers Mesmerize You with More Madcap Mazes!
  • The Extra Life event is coming soon!
  • Modus Veritas- Powerful When Used Correctly? Or Bugged?

9 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 172: Pelican Ring

  1. Hmm a little bit Raw In a few spots lol. Missed Chins Langauge During the Poll-flowers and I think I hear Fusion had one to right after Miroku’s Accident. :P

    All in all Was a funny episode.

  2. OH Also Doesn’t Miroku Really sound like a guy that has a voice in his Avatar on the forums? :P

  3. holy crap, i must have replayed Miroku falling out of his chair a half dozen times. definitely greatest moment material.

  4. @Shadax, as if it wasn’t replayed enough from the start. :P

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