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Final Fantasy XIV and Tokyo Game Show

26 Sep 2009

So by now you’ve realized that there really isn’t any new information about FFXIV coming out of Tokyo Game Show.  There is a lovely new trailer that directs people to sign up if they want to receive information in the future about beta testing.  This is the same newsletter people have been able to sign up for all along and is not specific to beta information.

It also turns out that Producer Tanaka decided to make a quick visit to Tokyo Game Show today.  He was spotted by the caretaker of Final Fantasy XI fansite eLeMeN.  People were told ahead of time that he would not be doing interviews at the event but eLeMeN was able to sneak one question in.  Final Fantasy XIV will run on 64-bit versions of Windows software.  Final Fantasy XI also runs on Windows 7 and future packaging will reflect that as well.

As for the video cycle being shown on the open theatre in Square Enix’s booth, altogether there is about 40 to 50 minutes worth of video.  The Final Fantasy XIV trailer, which I saw soon after entering this morning, comes at the end of the cycle with the new trailer for A Shantotto Ascension playing right before it.

You can check out the news in Japanese as well as a picture of Tanaka holding one of the new Hina Chocobo figurines on eLeMeN’s new site for Final Fantasy XIV news.

If you are interested in seeing what the Square Enix booth looked like in general, I highly suggest visiting for their wide variety of pictures taken on the press days.  You can access the Square Enix Booth Gallery here.  Visitors to the booth on public days can take pictures of the characters from FFXIII as well as a statue of Al from Full Metal Alchemist.  The rest of the booth is not allowed to be photographed.