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Tokyo Game Show Starts Today!

23 Sep 2009

Good morning from Tokyo (Bay)! Today is the start of Tokyo Game Show’s Business Days. Sadly, I won’t be going inside but never fear! There are still ways to get your fix.

Option 1: Square Enix’s YouTube site

Square Enix is planning on adding a bunch of the trailers they will show off at Tokyo Game Show on their YouTube channel. You can check it out for yourself here.

Option 2: JP Button Coverage

As many of you are familiar, Elmer from ZAM and I run a site called JP Button that covers mainly FFXI related news and events from Japan.  We have a liveblog running for the event on our site for the 4 days of Tokyo Game Show.  You can check out the action there but if you just want to wait for only FFXIV news, rest assured that we’ll be updating the front page of Eorzeapedia as well.