7 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 171: Chocorific

  1. I’m with ya’ll about the whole “ok, now what?” comment. What about the Orcish Empire? The Gigas Homeland? The Far Western Continent? The Great Southern Empire? The Island of Tsahya? Yeah, I’m ripping these from the map of the Distant Continents of Vana’diel. It’s like they set themselves up a huge promise to us players.

  2. One of the small changes that would greatly please players and possibly rekindle activities is the reduction of ??? repop times. Everything before ZNMs had these at that dreadfull 15 min respawn. Either during fanfest or an interview this was mentioned, but months has passed without any notice.

    Often the NMs that these ??? spawn are defeatable in well under the time it takes the ??? to even respawn.

  3. I don’t like how you guys first chastise S-E for putting an in-game bonus for an overly expensive trinket like the tidal talisman, but then question S-E when they *don’t* include such a bonus with an even *more* ludicrously priced-item. Double standard much? S-E really does not need all the drama caused by even more accusations of “buying an overly expensive trinket just for the in-game item.”

    I agree, however, with the approval of the Chocobo. Relatively reasonable price, and a cute furniture item as a bonus. That one S-E got right, and it seems like something I could buy when I have 16 bucks laying around.

  4. I Really wish people would stop freaking saying that the game is dieing and that even tho Tanaka said that they still have 1 year of content plan. They Said that they always only plan a years worth of content all the time and stuff. All this nonsense about saying after the Mini-Expansions and stuff that when WOTG is finish that there will be no more Version updates is really pissing me off when they say that.


    FFXI IS NOT LEAVING!!! It Really sickens me when I hear this on the show and I can’t stand it much longer hearing that or when I hear saying that the Updates are CRAP and that the Avatars are going to SUCK and everything.

    SO Much Drama, People!! PLease! Regain some Common Sense and stop it. That is all just one person asks. Thanks,

  5. I have to agree with what Sevokevo and Yellow Mage are saying in regards to people’s complaints about SE. People have to understand that they do have a lot on their plates, with numerous projects in the works. Sure, everyone wants the whole bells and whistles an more, but people need to take consideration to the other side of things; be in the other person’s shoes and think about what they have to face when doing all these things. And to sum up this debacle, people just need to learn to be patient, really. Everyone has a lot of heavy and high expectations, not realizing human beings make this game.

    And yea, FFXI isn’t going anywhere, not as long as people still play regardless of how things are being right now. Let’s be honest here folks, do we truly know how things will turn out? Really, do we? Untill their final product come out FF14 everything is up for speculation.

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