Pet Food Alpha 170: $106.99

Pet Food Alpha

  • Dog tags. Salvage bodies. DRK helms and more.
  • Tellah, Urthdigger, Lady Lindsey
  • Coming Soon: Final Fantasy XI Players’ Collection Part II!
  • RMT filters coming with next version update
  • JP Button contest deadline coming up
  • Donate to Extra Life!

2 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 170: $106.99

  1. So listening to the episode someone wanted to know how much I would pay for it? I’d rather buy the national Keychain for 14.99 and take it down to the shop at the school where I work at and use the engraver there for free. :p

    Honestly I would have bought something like this is it was like in the 30s to 40s.. maybe even up to the 60s.

  2. In this Gamasutra article, one of the developers of Warhammer Online talks about how they feel they failed in building a social community in the game.

    The two important things are; monster and economy difficulty. Basically, incredibly tough monsters and an incredibly tough economy are essential for the social aspects of the game. These are the two things that people complain the most about FFXI. As expressed in you webcast, FFXI has a very strong and helpful social scene.

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