Interview with Robert Peeler

MMORPG logo published an interview earlier today.  There is not much new here, but it provides a bit of an overview of what we already know from the Gamescom interviews with Tanaka and Sundi.  Also, the interviewer indicated that “this was not a sit down interview” and that he was “not prepared for this at all” – and so  apologizes for the lack of information.  That said, the interview is a first of Robert Peeler, the Assistant Online Community Manager who will be overseeing a lot of the FFXIV community aspects (some of you may have heard him on FFXI-related podcasts – Petfood Alpha Episode 150 and Limit Break Radio Episode 53).  Basically Robert confirmed:

  • Square Enix is committed to a 2010 release with a simultaneous release on PS3 and PC.  An 360 version is in development, but a release of that is unconfirmed.
  • As previously reported, there is no leveling system akin to FFXI, but instead you will develop skills based on the weapons being used.
  • Weapons and armor will both possess stat requirements before being able to equip them.  Also, all weapons and armor will be able to be equipped by any class provided the requirements are met.
  • Also as previously reported there is a focus on being able to play solo, although certain leves will require multiple people to accomplish. 
  • The game will have a check feature akin to FFXI, in order to allow adventurers to determine the relative difficulty of a monster before engaging in battle.

Again, while overall not a whole lot of new information, there are a few tidbits to chew on.