Pet Food Alpha 169: The Clump

Pet Food Alpha

  • RMT discussion. Lack of news… that’s about it.
  • Shadax, Snowshadow
  • No official news for over a month
  • RSS Feeds added to FFXI Official Website
  • Sage Sundi talks about RMT at CESA Developer Conference
  • Extra Life lock in seats now available!

One thought on “Pet Food Alpha 169: The Clump

  1. Lately I’ve been pretty bored, so been doing fields of valor for tabs and making augmented equipment. Nothing too expensive, durandals and rising sun chakrams. I got hp +19 on a pair of blessed trousers for my whm after only 2 attempts, so I’m pretty happy with that. There’s still a few items I want to try, but unwilling to drop more than 100k on any item that’s going to get potentially ruined. It’s been decent for exp and entertainment though.

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