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Gametrailers Video Interview

2 Sep 2009

Gamestrailers has released a two-part video interview with Tanaka and Sundi. Not a whole lot of new information here, but always nice to get some video shots of the game and Tanaka and Sundi themselves. They are able to deny some speculations and confirm that there will be no PvP nor voice chat at launch – although they leave the door open to add them later. They speak a little more about the Guildleve and Class (not job) leveling systems, but nothing new. Overall a decent interview. For those wondering, the voice you hear in the videos translating is Saori Hill (a member of SE’s UK community team). The videos are after the jump.

Special thanks to Mortav and Trestan from our forums for the links and for taking the time to write-up the text from videos, respectively.