FFXIV Video Only for Tokyo Game Show

tgs09announcementAnd so it begins.  There is less than a month left until Tokyo Game Show.  Different game companies are slowly starting to release what they will be showing at the event this year before the official TGS website can beat them to the punch.  Today, Square Enix opened their special Tokyo Game Show 2009 website to the public.  The current list of games to be on display is less than half that of last year.  Hopefully their booth isn’t half the size as well.

Both Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XI will be advertised at the Square Enix booth.  As you can tell by looking at the icons, Final Fantasy XIV will not be available as a playable title.  This was largely expected after Producer Hiromichi Tanaka’s comments at gamescom saying he didn’t expect to do a playable version at a show or event in Japan.  Final Fantasy XI was also shown off at TGS last year with some of the development staff, including Tanaka, wear special FFXI-patterned yukata and handing out uchiwa fans to advertise a 14-day free trial program for people in Japan.  The videos they also showed were particularly funny so hopefully they can find an equally creative way to show off both FFXI and FFXIV this year.  For people wondering why FFXI will be on display, just yesterday they announced the next value-pack collection, Vana’diel Collection 2, which will go on sale in November.  It will include all of the current expansion packs as well as all 3 add-on scenarios.  Perhaps we’ll get a sneak peek at A Shantotto Ascension?

There are a lot of other Final Fantasy related titles in their lineup as well.  Final Fantasy XIII is expected to be the main star of the show with a playable version available.  The other titles in the FFXIII series, like Versus and Agito, are absent from the list.  An updated version of Dissidia will also be there, following the recent FF tradition of making a Japanese release, tweaking things a bit for the International version, and then selling the International version as well in Japan.

This is just the start of our Tokyo Game Show coverage.  Keep checking back for updates leading up to the event, special coverage of the event itself, and all of the fun aftermath reports.