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A Closer Look At Guildleves

29 Aug 2009


Every MMO game has a a variety of different content. Some is aimed at beginners, while some is designed for the most experienced of players. However apart from beginning and end game content, there are some parts of the game that are designed to be used by any player, no matter what their experience level. In Final Fantasy XIV, that system is known as Guildleve.

The playable alpha build at Gamescom was designed with the purpose of showing off the Guildleve system. We got our first look at the process of participating in a leve as well as a little more information about teleports in the game.

One thing we were lucky enough to see during the alpha was the Guildleve screen where players can select one of the leves they currently have. Once selected, another window opens up explaining the leve, requirements, rewards etc. We’ve translated this screen below.


The top of the window shows the name of the leve, and then shows a brief description. The bulk of this window explains all the details involved with a leve:

Skill: Perhaps this will be a way to gauge difficulty for a particular leve?

Issuing City: We have seen that the images of the leves released up to this point were marked with “Limsa Lominsa“. We can now see that each city state will be able to issue their own leves.

Time Limit: This displays the amount of time the player has to complete the leve. It has been mentioned that leves could take anywhere from 30 minutes to several days to complete.

Leve Requirements: At this time we do not know what the leve requirements could be. Our guess is that requirements could be referring to different skill levels.

BP Cost: Nothing has been mentioned about BP at this time. I’m guessing BP could be Battle Points, something that players gain while fighting enemies on the field to gain skills. Then players can cash those in for leves where they can complete a task not only for rewards, but for an increased skill rate while participating in the leve.

Reward: Apart from the reward of faster skilling of weapons, we can see that Gil and items can also be potential rewards for completing a leve. No doubt that the rewards will only get better with the more difficult leves.

Lastly we see what needs to be done in order to complete the leve. In this case, the player must defeat a certain amount of Puks and Dodos.

Guildleves and Teleports


One thing that has already been revealed is the Aetheryte. This teleport crystal is currently intended to serve as a gathering point for adventurers looking to participate in the Guildleve system. The idea being that players get their leve(s) and head out to the Aetheryte to meet others and form a group to complete them.

We do not currently know where the issuing guilds are in relation to the Aetherytes so we cannot say at this time whether you can choose to teleport out to the Aetheryte from the guild/city or if the leves are obtainable in the small structures around the Aetheryte. One thing that we have heard however is that while players will be teleported back to the Aetheryte after the completion of a leve, they will have to make their way out to the monsters on foot.


After a player gathers at the Aetheryte, they can start their leve. For this particular leve, the player needs to go out and locate certain monsters. One feature that is intended to be added by the time the game is released is the ability to open up your map and be shown the general area where the leve monsters are located. This will make finding your targets much easier.

After you locate and eliminate your targets a teleport will show up on site. When activated, you will be teleported back to the Aetheryte where you began the leve. After this, the rest is up to the player. They can choose to take on another leve if they have more, they can join up with other players to do the leves that other players have. There has even been talk about the ability to combine leves, however at this time, details haven’t been released.

We hope you enjoyed our closer look into the Guildleve system.