Playstation Blog Interview

Another day another Gamescom interview report.  This one is from the Playstation blog.  Not much new in this one except some hints at beta timing from Tanaka.

PSB: Are you still planning a spring 2010 beta?

Tanaka: We can’t really say any certain timing, because the launch is planned to release is 2010. So that means in springtime there will probably be something at that point. We are trying to work as soon as possible, so as soon as preparation is done, there could be something earlier than 2010.

The rest of the interview can be read here, but the rest is old (albeit by no more than a day or so) news – such as:

  • enhanced graphics and customization
  • possibility of surnames
  • armoury system that allows for better solo play
  • no leveling but skill-ups based on weapons used
  • influenced by, but different from, FFXI.