4 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 167: Colonel

  1. This isn’t a complaint but just a helpful tip. iTunes, doesn’t have the latest episode of PFA. Not sure if this is intentional or just a side effect of the technical difficulties.

  2. @Belfort Steelshield, We actually uploaded this episode to another server as a temporary solution so we didn’t have to delay the release any more. The iTunes feed will be back up today.

  3. I think another important thing to remind people about protecting their account, is that the software keyboard built into playonline can still protect your default password from being keylogged. If you use it, and if this is a case where people are keylogging both your password and your security token random password, you will still be protected. Like was said, unless they’re literally watching your monitor output, they can’t get your password if you use the software keyboard.

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