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ZAM and PlayStation Blog: Interview with Tanaka

24 Aug 2009

Gamescom is over but the information and interviews are still coming out. We’ve seen interviews from sites like Famitsu and 4Gamer. Dengeki has not published their interview but chances are they are leaving it for Dengeki PlayStation magazine. Now we have a joint interview done by Thayos from ZAM and Chris Morell from PlayStation Blog.   There are some interesting tidbits in there that confirm some theories and blow others out of the water.

Quick Overview:

  • Current status for the Miqo’te and Roegadyn is what has been released, with only female Miqo’te and male Roegadyn
  • Possibility of surnames as a way to help people preserve their character names from FFXI
  • Requirement to change classes to use the skills from that class hinted at strongly
  • They are trying to appeal to FFXI players by making things similar in the two games
  • FFXI Linkshells = communication tool.   FFXIV organizations = group working on common goals

Check out the whole interview on ZAM.