Tanaka makes presentation at Intel booth

intelffxivFinal Fantasy XIV Producer Hiromichi Tanaka along with another member of Square Enix’s staff gave a presentation on FFXIV using chip-maker Intel’s presentation stage located in their booth. This isn’t the first time Intel has partnered up with SE. Back at Vanafest 2008, a large number of the ads on the screens prior to the start of the event were from Intel.

The presentation contents were pretty much identical to the presentation at SE’s booth. The crowded roared as soon as Tanaka took the stage. He also provided a little fan service, greeting the crowd in German and handing out signed FFXIV mouse pads.

You can check out Famitsu’s coverage of the presentation with pictures here. The crowd definitely seemed excited to get their hands on one of those mouse pads. I wouldn’t mind having one myself.