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Europe Finally Gets Site Update

21 Aug 2009

EUsite1Two weeks ago, both the Japanese and North American websites for Final Fantasy XIV were updated with brand new information. However, for some reason, the European site remained unchanged.

Today, the European site for Final Fantasy XIV is finally updated with the same information that the rest of the world had two weeks ago. It was assumed by some that the EU site would be updated along with the release of new information at Gamescom in Germany. However, there is absolutely no new information to be had. Why did it take so long for the same information to be made available in Europe when Square Enix did a great job in making sure it was available in both Japan and North America on the same date?

EUsite2It should also be noted that the French and German buttons on the base Final Fantasy XIV site do not currently link to… well anything. In the upper right hand corner of the EU site, there are buttons that will load the site in the respective languages.