From the forums (08/09/09)

The forums have been a treasure trove of activity lately, as recent news from Japanese magazines as well as the official website have spurred the community to new heights of speculation and discussion. Here are just a few noteworthy threads.

Hand and Land Disciplines Fighting?

Of the various jobs revealed, the one that is the most surprising is that things like Blacksmithing and Harvesting are jobs just as much as Black Mages and Fighters. This thread ponders the possibility that they might have a role in combat rather than just being a craft this time around.

No beastmen. Factions?

With the rise of the Garlean empire as the bad guys, some posters are wondering: Will we be fighting out own kind this time around? The 5 races taking up both sides of the fight, instead of having the “always good” races versus the “always evil”?

Will Job-stereotypes be a thing of the past?

Everyone is talking about the new Armoury system that appears to let players change their jobs at any time, even out on the field. This thread explores that, as well as the supposed lack of subjobs, to ask: Will this open up new options for balancing the jobs, and getting rid of the “loljob” problem that plagued FFXI?

“Weapons become less powerful the more they are used”

Most people saw this phrase and assumed it meant we would have weapon durability. However, this thread explores an alternate possibilty: What if it means you need to continue upgrading your weapon to newer and higher level stuff regardless of the stat increase?

As we approach the game’s release, more and more information will come out. Only time will tell what the game has in store, but until then we can have our fun.