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More Information: Locations and Guild Reeve System

6 Aug 2009


Yesterday we brought you information that will most likely be released this week in Weekly Famitsu magazine. Today, we have a few leaked pictures from Dengeki PlayStation. Thanks to the large size of the pictures, you can see the little details used to tell the magazines apart. For example, the font used for page numbering or the design of the box that contains console and release date information.

First up, the first two pages of the article in Dengeki PlayStation magazine:


1) Cities and Landscapes

We can see three of the cities that will appear in the new game. At the top is the sea side city of Rimusa Rominsa. In the middle we can see the desert city of Urudaha. The bottom picture of the first page is of Guridania, a city tucked away in the forest. Official English spellings for these places are not yet released. However, there is a lot of speculation that the official site for Final Fantasy XIV will be updated this weekend as well. If that is the case, perhaps we will get official spellings soon.

The next page shows some of the landscape. Additional pictures of the landscape were printed on other pages. Of particular interest is the picture including a Roegadyn, Hyuran, and Elezen. Could this be an actual in-game screenshot? They appear to be at an outpost of some kind. It reminds me a lot of the outpost in FFXI’s Eastern Altepa Desert. Next to them is a glowing stone. This might be Etelyte mentioned on different Japanese pages. The stones are supposed to assist you with moving around the world of FFXIV. This brings up another interesting rumor. FFXIV might not have connecting zones that flow into one another like we have with FFXI.

Click each image for a larger version
landscape1 landscape2 landscape3

2) The Guild Reeve System

reevesbAnother picture that started floating around yesterday was of the Guild Reeve system. Once again, the official English name isn’t known at this time. Another possible translation given by the people at IGN was Guild Leave. This is a quest building system. You can create your own unique quest by combining different types of reeves or just use them on their own. The picture below gives one example of some reeves you can combine.


The first card contains a picture of Saint Danafen, the dragon killer. This type of card would require you to gather up your courage and overcome many difficulties while eliminating fearsome monsters. The card in the middle is of Saint Totoru the Rat-Hunter. You will receive gratitude from people by helping them out with different tasks like getting rid of pests. Saint Murugin appears in the last card, forging a sword. This card has you focusing on polishing your skills in order to help out other people. Other Miqo’te and Hyuran saints can be seen on other cards. One of the pictures from Weekly Famitsu talked about what customization details might be available for players to play around with. Dengeki PlayStation looks into this issue as well by comparing the pictures of a Lalafell male and female. They believe that players will be able to choose eye color as well. To me it seems like the eyebrows are also slightly different but that could just be because they are different faces. In the future we can probably expect to see more pictures of customizations made on the same face model as Square Enix makes their appeal to possible service subscribers. The lower portion of the picture talks about something we have known since the trailer. Many of the face types from FFXI have made an appearance in pictures of FFXIV. Chances are high that you will be able to remake your FFXI for the most part if that is your desire.

That’s all for now. Keep your eye on the front page as well as the forums for new information as it comes in from Japan!