5 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 164: The Cake Is A Lie

  1. Still listening between housework right now but I had to comment on the 3-D Secure thing.

    Being in Australia and all, some of us have NA version of FFXI on PC, others have EU version. Now, from what I’ve seen, after the last billing process, the card I had up was dropped and I have extra fees that haven’t paid through yet. Note; I have the NA version.. So I’m still hoping this secure code thing actually goes through correctly.

  2. Okay, finished episode.. I think I laughed a little too muc at “They’re in our base, killin’ our dudes!”…

    But yes, nicely done, guys. I’ve kinda backed off from FFXI lately and have been testing Aion out more.. But yeah.

  3. Moar ogre noise right before Chin’s update. I’m convinced she’s possessed nao!

  4. Chin, gratz on the speedbelt. I wantz an Sbelt.

    Wow also you really nice buying all your friends nice things. Genie, Aristorates, Gigant, Cassie, Auster, Terra, Apollo Staves, Sorcerer ring, Witch Sash.

    Man girls do luv to shop don’t they :d Ladya

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