5 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 161: Ding! Potato Salad

  1. Exteter sometimes we just cant get to all of the emails on the show. If you sent one in and we didn’t read it, I’m sorry. If there is something you feel must be addressed, please feel free to resubmit your email for next show. I’m sure it wasn’t lame. =)

  2. I recently moved to carbuncle and happened to find chin’s new character since she has “chinchilla” in her bazaar comment lol.

  3. Great show as always. Only thing is I actually like the ” It all began with a rain drop, or so the legend says…” Its cool that SE can actually make fun of themselves. I got so tired of the “It all began with a stone” intro. Hopefully much of the mini expansion will be a parody of the existing story.

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