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From the forums (07/12/09)

12 Jul 2009

As we wait for more information on FFXIV, there’s one thing we can do: Build up a community. This week we’re highlighting a few threads that are trying to help build a thriving community in preparation of the new MMO

Players waiting for FFXIV – Linkshell?

In this topic, several players have gotten together and made a linkshell and website for FFXI in order to play together and get to know each other better before FFXIV comes out.

Eorzephoria podcast – post your thoughts!

A podcast has already been started this early on, under the name “Eorzephoria, and this topic is for discussing the show, as well as for links to the episodes.

From all over…

Not really confined to any one topic, the topic of roleplaying is something that comes up whenever community is discussed. Suffice to say, there are a large number of roleplayers on the boards eager to start up a community once the game comes out.

We look forward to seeing more community projects as time goes on and the game eventually comes out