9 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 160: Absent Minded Peiste Dung

  1. Just wanted to point out that although its rather shocking that only 15% of the characters created are lvl 75 that number is skewed statistically due to the massive amount of lvl 1 mules running around which were also factored into the total. So really there is a much larger percentage of the player base with a lvl 75 character.

  2. @Elebreth, look again. Level 1 characters were done separately. The 15% was taken out of levels 2-75.

  3. @Fusionx, that’s apparently what i get for using a cheap calculator that cant handle decimals lol. also that’s really alot less that I would ever conceive as viable it would be interesting to see a correlation between login frequency and lvl distribution. mostly because i wouldn’t put it past them to use inactive characters.

  4. Don’t worry, Fusion, the Who’s on First reference made me laugh. =3

    “Third Base!”

  5. Who’s on First is such a good joke/skit. Fusionx why don’t you pick up Blue Mage? I hear it is a good subjob for DRG, and it is alot of fun.

  6. @Vontri, i already have BLU sub for drg. I’m looking for something that’d be more useful for pet burn situations

  7. OI! I dont know why i found it so funny but i couldn’t stop laughing after duel’s joke of the GMs going “dont worry we have raise 3” lol

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