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From the forums (6/27/09)

27 Jun 2009

FFXIV isn’t even out and the forums are buzzing with activity speculating on all the various things that will be in the new MMO. Square Enix has definitely done their part to promote speculation, with a trailer, screenshots, and two pieces of artwork, a logo by famed FF concept artist Yoshitaka Amano and a large banner by Kazuya Takahashi. This week’s highlights are a few of the bigger topics brought up about this speculation

Artwork Speculation

The topic so big, two of the other topics this week branched off from it! This topic discusses the large banner artwork, looking for any hidden meanings.

Gria Speculation

A personal favorite of mine, this topic has popped up in many of the other threads wherever races are brought up. This topic focuses on the little horned girl in the banner art, and her similarity to the Gria race from Final Fantasy Tactics: Advance 2

the Crystals are carried like the weapons???

Crystals have always been important to the realm of Final Fantasy, ever since their first appearance as the magical mcguffins to save the world. This topic takes a look at some of their appearance in the artwork, namely the crystalline weapons appearing in the banner art, and speculates on their existence. Time will only tell how our beloved FF staple will appear in FFXIV.

Hints from the logo

Strangely enough, not our biggest topic on the forums, this goes into the logo that was specifically created to give hints on certain aspects of FFXIV, as was revealed in an earlier interview. Does it have to deal with the new job system? Position in the party playing a bigger role? Something else entirely? Speculate away, it’s fun!

We are always watching the forums, so keep posting and coming up with new ideas!