10 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 156: 3 Whole Years

  1. The whole “Wheel” thing during the discussion reminded me of the game Drakengard where all your weapons are attached to a wheel and you can use them anyway you want. And then another part of the discussion where you guys mentioned there will not be experience points reminded me of the game The Last Remnant.

    gratz on 3 years!

  2. I’m pretty new to PFA but thanks for the podcast. Grats on your 3 year anniversary. Lord knows when I played only Mystery Tour was the only reliable stuff online.. I’m still on the fence on 14.. way too much stuff to add here.. but unless Customer support changes.. I’m heading to another MMO entirely. This coming from someone who started in FFXI beta..

  3. Congrats on 3 years you guys. Thanks for the flawless record and unrivaled dedication. Hats off to everyone. :)

  4. nice again good job. However I heard you guys saying that even thought they are working on it for 4 years now, they have no screenshots and etc. Mmm I think maybe they were not working on it “continiously” like “most” people think. In fact I believe that people “assumed” that they were working HARD on it, just because they announced that “project” 4 years ago.

  5. Congrats on 3 years.. nice episode of course. It’s always nice to hear Aneiro on PFA! The favorite moment clips were pretty funny.. I wish there were more =D

  6. great episodes guys i really liked the idea where you learn something from what you equipped that was real nice from ff9 and its basicly like that in ff7 too but i hate 7 and it needs to die, but anyways steak you didn’t even read my email becouse you couldn’t say my name :p lol just say seigex lol keep up teh good work guys!

  7. Steak, im a guy. In the show when you read my mail, you said “she” >.< It was like winning the Lottery in Pesos. Something really cool happened, then the wind gets knocked right out of my sails. Oh well, atleast you got my e-mail. And thanks for the info, i think ill give BST a try.

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