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  1. For the Xbox360 …. you have to put a FFXI disc, but it doesn’t matter which one you run. Sometimes I have in the WoTG—other times I put in the original disc that I loaded the game on. Doesn’t matter. I think mostly it uses the disc to simply recognize the game.

    I have noticed with Xbox360 that I cannot switch out my hard drive any longer (after the xbox live update), and put it in another box for ffxi without reinstalling the game. Which sucks. Might just be that I am doing something lame, but I haven’t found a way to correct that issue.

    I would gladly switch to play on a PC, but with the release of FaceBook and Twitter on Xbox …I might not ever leave my TV. Social media and gaming in the same experience … omginoright!

  2. Man everyone knows 8 was the greatest of ALL the Final Fantasy’s. No debate.

  3. Not sure if this was clarified, but I’m going to help Steak defend the 360. The only instances where I’ve known where Live is down is when there is an update, BUT if you log in before the live update begins you can stay online. Also, me personally I would not swap out a PS3 harddrive it WILL void the warranty. And I definitely use more space on my PS3 than 360 just for mandatory game installs.

    Nevertheless I am happy ffixiv is coming to PS3, and Im sorry if it ever gets to the point where “360 limitations” are an issue I don’t think many people could afford the PC that could handle the unbridled power of this hypothetical situation.

  4. You can install ffxi into your library but you still need the disc to launch it. The only benefit is your disc doesnt need to be accessed so it wont be spinning the entire time your playing… which for some of us can be anywhere from 3-24 hours…. like if want to bazaar all night or get a TOD.

    Regarding xbox live; there have been multiple times where i was unable to long into ffxi for other reasons than an update. For example when halo3 came out everyone got who bought the game got 24 hours of free xbox live so it was impossible to log into. But! if your logged in already and get disconnected from xbox live its best to leave the live thing alone and continue playing. The second you attempt to log back in (to live) and are unable to you will be kicked from ffxi =/

  5. I was just listening to this at work earlier… and I think the only way I would ever play a “Kingdom Hearts MMO” is if Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers were NMs.

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