5 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 153: Deila and Tuley

  1. Same exact thing happened to us in Nyzul Isle the other day, we lost to Khimera 100 with about 5% hp left. Really sucked cause it was just wiping 1 person at a time with it’s tourbillion move (knockback physical wipes shadows). really a drag. glad you managed to win yours though. really wish they’d remove the white magic restriction in general.

  2. My group defeated floor 100 Khimaira with no white magic restriction a few weeks ago. Easy win, but my static has been doing low man events together for about 4 years, so yeh. Used Fanatics, Body Boosts, Mana Boosts, etc. SAM, DRG, and THF did their thing. BRD two houred with Regen Songs on the melee, Refresh on mages. BLU did his thing, plus curing when needed. I (RDM) just threw enfeebles. DoT’s, and nukes at it. It went down really quick, with all in white HP.

  3. Oh, and PS.

    Fusionx, BLM/SCH? [/sigh]

    SCH a better sub for Steak to level for BLM than RDM?


    Stick to your poking things with pointy objects my friend.


  4. Good show. I likes G’s research papre it was very intresting.

    /sigh I didn’t get my achivements read on air. I know the are not as epic as everyone elses but hey I do what I can lol.

    And Fusion you are my favorite too, next to Steak. :P

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