5 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 152: Doodle Noodle Horse Sound

  1. After hearing about what you guys have for Requirements on your end game shells it makes me appreciate my End-game shell even more… (not that I didn’t love those guys as is… )

    My highest is 73 Blu right now and they welcome/accept me without having sea, sky, or a 75. ^_^;;;

  2. Senor Peeler was on a short time ago – don’t squander the opportunity you seem to have – instead of all the speculation on the tablets – could you ask him for further specification or details if known? Perhaps the tablets will be reset at different times throughout their inclusion in the game? Will they be reset weekly – or perhaps reintroduced/reset each time there is a special event?

    Personally I think the Kupofreid’s ring is a large enough reward to justify it’s rarity – would you prefer the drop rates on AV’s treasure pool instead? I think the ring is very nice addition to the game and I applaud the efforts on SE’s behalf in experimenting with an alternate form of distribution – plus if I understand correctly I think everyone gets the bonus effects with Signet and in certain zones – with the advent of Level Sync, Martial Master is a reward in and of itself – and an additional TH as well?! – there are some really cool things going on here and it seems like there’s a heavy focus on what isn’t vs. what is.

  3. The funniest part for me was when Steak talked about the jerk that told him to go back to the Outpost because he had a Maat’s Cap and he should do what he says
    When Chinchilla asked if he left the party or quietly stepped back into the Outpost, I started cracking up.

    I was listening to the ep on my blackberry and I got a bunch of stares when I started laughing, I hate when PFA makes me look crazy in public. :)

  4. So now Tiela has DNC relic body? I swear in the name of Altana I will be the only DNC on Bahamut who will never have his Etoile Casaque. -_-…..

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