16 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 151: Beastmaters Unite!

  1. Just based on the title this episode will be made of WIN

  2. I didnt notice name till i heard the episode.

  3. Heck I’m still LOL’ing that you called Bastok “Bastard”. :D

  4. Quick Question. What did you mean by don’t be that guy????.

  5. @ Carletta – Hey Hun! And OMG I thought I was hallucinating when I heard “bastard” instead of “Bastok”, guess im not as tired as I thought. P.S. Grats on the uber high whm!

  6. @Fusionx, DRG is currently at 58 and loving the DRG body piece atm. But I am a bit short on gil. Any advice on what gear I should get around this level and in the future?

  7. An SH on Carbuncle only runs around 170k, not chump change, but easily farmed if you know how.

  8. hahahaha Fried Chocobo in buckets. Nice one FusionX

  9. i couldent find the Beastmater in my brady guide :( :(

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