Pet Food Alpha 150: Community

Pet Food Alpha

Discussion with community team member Robert Peeler and Ganiman.

Robert Peeler joins us along with Ganiman to discuss various topics about the community including collecting feedback, reading community forums, community sites and more!

7 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 150: Community

  1. Great Job on the interview.
    I feel like I got a lot of interesting information.

  2. /cheer /hurray /psych Holy Moly I’m a happy happy Mithra :)

    Thanks Foxx ^^

    Fusion you jealous yet?

    Also, according to Kallo, ShadowLord is a chick magnet, I hope he’s wrong…!

    Oh and the episode was great, i’m pleased and really hope this becomes a regular thing =^.^=

  3. I’m only at about 30:00. So far I think it’s great that SE’s community team took this step to be guests on FF’s biggest podcasts and be more active in general (this is one of the few first of hopefully more baby-steps).

    However, I do wonder a bit. It has been over 5 years since NA release, and these major “hey look I’m a real living person” community relation steps have just began. I think we can all agree that this was a long-time coming and it was their bad that it didn’t come sooner. I’ve got my fingers crossed, but I think it would be great if the community effort became more active and efficient.

    Mr. Peeler was talking about some of the different tasks he has to undertake when he’s at his job. I’m wondering if there are too many distractions, especially since it’s mainly him and Mr. Hilton who get their ear onto the community. I think more important than topic posting, newsletters, or expo-visiting, is just reading and participating to the forums and talking with the dev team very regularly and without encumbrance.

    Mr. Peeler was talking about “having to see the right people” to get certain topics on the POL site; the PW kill comes to mind). If such responsibility is placed on their job, it’s kinda lame that they don’t have the power to just do it. “Seeing the right people” sounds a bit bureaucratic.

    But yeah chiefly I think even if it became a very bummish job, I’d imagine just sitting at one’s desk all day just reading and posting on forums, blog, etc, is primary, and then direct communication with the dev team a close secondary. Bridging the English:Japanese language barrier must be frustrating, I imagine. I wonder though if aside from that, the Japanese dev team does listen to the comments from gai-jin communities with an open ear and an open mind. So many in-game concerns seem to either get a blind eye or take forever to fix (hai2u, salvage duping). I wonder if the dev team has been taking their community lookouts and QA coordinators for ‘granite.’

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