12 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 149: ACP Under The Microscope

  1. Hmm wonder how much of the content is about ACP since I have not done the missions yet and don’t want to spoiler it. Oh so tempted!

  2. @ Corinth

    Yeah, I haven’t been able to get the new episodes until the day after the news post about the new episode. Possibly should wait until it populates to iTunes before posting.

  3. Yeah I have gotten the same thing on my Zune. It seems that the RSS Feed was down for a few days.

  4. I think you are all not taking into account the fact that you can repeat the final fight as often as you like. This means, you can keep changing the augmented body piece over and over and over … this adds to the playability of the expansion. I can tell you that I got the Pet: Attk+15 rAttk+15, and Magic Acc+7 Attk+7 augments and I did not like them so I redid the fight to get perp-2 and double attk/crit hits+ augments … I think at some point I will change again for my 75 ninja

    Just wanted to add my 2cents that I felt it was worth $10

  5. Ok that is understandable but I also note that the augments system is brand new and probably took a while for them to get right. You could argue that it should of been part of a general update but It adds functionality to the game that isn’t necessary to play it. So you could also argue that a majority of the $10 went into implementing an entirely new system. What I am unhappy about is how the mog satchel went to only those who chose to purchase the security token. That to me is just total BS since adding x2 the amount of slots you have is something everyone should have and if I couldn’t afford the security token and saw others with insane inventory space I would fly off the handle and probably quit the game … only reason I am ok is because I planned on getting the security token anyways. I know that is off topic but it is related to the fact that SE is making some extremely strange decisions as of late. If you think about it, SE has made the most drastic changes to the FFXI in the past 6 months then it has done throughout the entire lifespan of the game. I am not really sure why other then they must be losing to WoW and realize if they don’t stay active with changes that it will be a defunct product like many other MMORPG’s that fail. All in all, I am not that unhappy about the $10 expansion … I agree the missions were kind of bogus and the story a bit lame but eh, whatever, at least it was somewhat instant gratification on cool gear.

  6. OMG I just downloaded the episode on my zune but I got Episode 148 where episode 149 is supose to be. I think I have a error.

  7. Fixed…. I had a few file errors but they are fixed now and I redownloaded the episode and it works find now.

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