5 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 148: The Misadventures of Bitter DRG

  1. HURRAYYYYYY! I’ve been spamming refresh the whole day! Now I have entertainment for my drive home! <3 PFA

  2. WOOT it is up I am so looking forward to listening to it.

  3. Fusion, acp11 is suppost be easily zerkable. Exemple setup: MNK MNK SAM SAM BRD RDM/DRK or MNK SAM SAM SAM BRD RDM/DRK or MNK MNK MNK MNK BRD RDM/DRK.

  4. I have to mirror everyone’s general disappointment with the ACP storyline and cutscenes – after reading the descriptions on the different armors I was expecting a totally different story – I thought we were going to witness a small scale sandorian civil war that might have implicated further ties to Tavnazia :shrug: I’m digging the augment system and I really like the repeatable key rewards with random prizes – and while I don’t feel bad about paying the $10 I have to agree that I feel like my wallet got milked.

  5. Fusion is bitter…………
    How much does this differ from other episodes????


    j/k Great Episode ftw

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