11 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 147: Sheep Cake Fighter

  1. :/ No new Intro on this Episode? I know you might have mention it later in the Episode. I just started listening but will now have to stop it after 5 minutes in and download it and listen to it tomorrow on the way to class.

    Looking forward to listen to it during Maintenance.

    I will have a chat room up during the Maintenance if I may say.

    Zone: FFXI
    Chatroom: Maintenance.

    Looking forward to seeing anyone or any Hosts there.

  2. Excellent time to release this so we have something to do during maintenance :) .


  3. There is a large number of EU players on Odin, but i used be on Shiva, that have couple over there.

  4. Episodes where you guys have your own entertainment such as ‘Cake Pictures’ within chat and don’t include the listener are not only confusing because for the most part you simply don’t know what’s going on but also you’re only entertaining yourselves. As a listener you can’t help but tune out on an already long episode and honestly it’s rude. If you guys are going to talk about things and have your own side show on chat try separate it from the show because it just seems rude to that you guys are enjoying yourselves so much and don’t include the listener. Its like if you where with a group of friends and all of them are looking at something funny on a cell phone and they wont let you see it too.

  5. I love you guys, but I agree with Sentinal. I feel pretty “crappy” when I hear laughing and typing without understanding what’s going on. I almost feel that its borderline disrespectful. I do understand that something’s just can’t be read/displayed on air, but honestly if you could maybe cut down on the focus being made to what we can’t see/hear to what we can it would be very much appreciated! My advice is to just try and be more conscious of it.
    @Fusion – Steak was actually the only person I heard actually attempt to “explain” what was going on, and you actually said “No Don’t” when he started talking! He tried very very hard to stay focused on reading the emails, but the poor guy kept being cut-off be everyone laughing at the messenger window. /comfort Steak. I know its entertaining to an extent (and I do love the laughter), but after a certain point it gets irritating when focus is lost on the email/topic/ etc etc at hand. Many times questions asked get completely ignored because of some sort of distraction…
    Other then that, as I said I still love PFA, so keep up the great work :)

  6. Its seems i may be the only one but I liked all the “cake” talk. I found it amusing and i like how it makes the host more real you could say. So yeah it shouldn’t happen every episode but I dont think you guys should be like scorned for doing it every now and then.

  7. While listening to the show, post update, I am completely enjoying it. This is the first time I have heard Chinchilla so giggly and playful, very cute and making the atmosphere even more lively and fun to listen to. :)

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