9 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 146: Going The Distance

  1. Great episode.

    I think Chin’s pronounciation of my name is from now on my favorite.

  2. I would really love to have the option of hearing a uncensored version of this show. Do it like LBR where certain people that have donated or w/e can get to hear a show with all the fun curse words and everything. Yes, the Galka noises are funny but only for so long and gets annoying to be honest and trying to stop hosts and guests from saying words you dont approve of will never work. So just let us hear the episodes the with all the fun content, please.

  3. @ Sentinal,
    We wouldn’t do it similar to how LBR does. We don’t believe that some people should get access to the content before others. It is possible that somewhere down the road we may release an unedited version but for now we’re not planning on doing so.

  4. So I guess willing to pay you guys to do less work is a bad thing? Its the same content but only without the galka noises. Seems pretty simple to me.

  5. This episode is insanely funny! Ive been standing in Sarutabaruta for 40 minutes cause i’m laughing so hard I cant walk! Chin you are a riot! Steak drooling lol! This is a classic. The laughter is refreshing!

  6. 1. When a skillchain is successfully completed, it’s presence won’t be canceled by a 3rd consecutive weaponskill. That would allow more bursts to land properly.
    2. Skillchain bonus elemental damage only causes half or none of the enmity it normally would. That would promoted melee’s to take advantage of skillchains.
    3. Successful magic bursts would generate half the enmity of a normal spell of that damage. That would give mages another reason to take advantage of bursts.
    4. ……..
    5. Profit

  7. I like Chin’s laugh, its very infectious. Though people around me look at me funny when I’m listening to my Ipod and laughing.

    I’m not crazy..

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