6 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 145: Raptor Phone

  1. The closing song you used is absolutely gorgeous and I hope to dance to it some day.

  2. IS Fusion Contently Complaining about stuff or is it just me? First Last Episode was Blur Dragon and now this Episode about ZNM’s?

    Fusion Please There not going to change it… and it somehow hurts me when people want it to change and contently complain on it.

    Blue Dragon: You should not worry about what the characters look… I don’t see any simularity in DBZ…. Well Alittle like with Shu, but other then that is all…..

    It is supose to be the Storyline you should look into not the Characters.

  3. @ Sevokevo,
    The development team has said they may reconsider somethings about the ZNM system such as point value for plates. So they still may change it.

    Also, there are many things that make up a game, characters are a big part of that and seeing unoriginality on that part doesn’t make me want to play the game. (and the fact that i don’t own a red ringing console)

  4. @ FusionX
    Oh Ok Fusion Sorry I was not trying to be mean…. It is just I am a very very curious person and was really really wondering why didn’t you like the ZNM system…..

    On Blue Dragon: I really don;t have this game yet. I just got my Brand new Xbox like just a month ago. ( WOW it has been that long now that I think about it.) And I don;t even have the proper Internet for it yet, So if might know I still have the old Interface of the DashBoard. BAck on Topic. I think the Game will be cool to play. The only thing that really bugs me is that The Games Storyline and the actually series Storyline is completely different.

    Thanks for the Heads up.

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