16 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 139: Krang The All Powerful

  1. Wow those obnoxious sound clips arent even funny to you guys. Please stop using them.

  2. Level 75 DRG FusionX states he may just level a pet job in reference to “AnimalHouse LS”.

    lol? <_<

    Cheers mate, you’re no BST but I think you already hit the cap on a pet job. ^^

  3. LOL i dunno what Sentinal is saying because the sound clips are funny :D Fun EP…

  4. The show is always best when you guys just do your thing without being too self conscious about it. Your strong personalities and the random chaos is what sets you apart from most podcasts out there.

    Another fine show. What would we do without you guys? (Krang will think of something… ^^)

  5. Gonna have to agree with a few people who posted before, sound bord things can be funny sometimes, but over 5 times and that loud? Come on now^^

  6. I like the sound bytes! Brings back memories and I think they are funny when you least expect it and used in moderation of course. ^^

    ….”Silly Galka, Tricks are for kids.”

    “Hmmm, no sir. I don’t like it.” -Mr. Horse from Ren and Stimpy

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