9 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 138: Tallyhawk!

  1. Damn Steak, if I’d only known you were going to be at Ohayocon I’d least would have said hello. Ah well, sometimes being on gaming staff has it’s downsides, being so busy running things and all… ^^;

  2. LOL, wow @ the Silverhawk references.

    As a kid, I always thought they were one in the same show cause it was the same art director and same cheesy scripts. Hell, even the intro sounded almost had the same beat… sorta. I was like what, 5 years old at the time LOL

  3. Apparenlty I am showing my age by saying I did watch that show. Once could even say “Ancient Spirits of Evil” Old. An old joke between my friends is where the actor for Mum-Ra/Mon-Star mixes up his lines: “Ancient Spirits of Moonstar! Give me the might! The muscle! And transforme this decaying form into Mum-Star, the Ever Living!” [i]Insert evil maniacal laughter here.[/i]

  4. I like to add that On the Microsoft Zune Program all you have to do is in the program just search “Pet Food Alpha” and you will find it. That is how I did it, :P

  5. did anybody else have any problems with the audio? I had a real hard time hearing duelly and miroku. otherwise it’s just my download

  6. Regarding putting PFA (or any other podcast) onto a Zune.

    Option 1, look for the podcast of your choice within the Zune software’s own podcast listings, as Sevokevo said.

    Option 2, look for podcatcher programs through Google. Podcasting is a subscription-based deal and there are literally dozens of programs on pretty much any platform you want to download podcast feeds. Apple did not invent podcasting, nor is iTunes the only way to download podcasts.

    However, publishing a link to the episode feed (as opposed to a feed of ALL posts) on PFA.com would make things easier. I can’t find one if it’s already there.

  7. Hi, I can?t understand how to add your site in my rss reader. Can you Help me, please :)

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