8 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 137: Wingdings For “w”

  1. Hey Chin That Day when you used the Live chat, Which you said he was over worked. Why not tomorrow or some other day Just Actually Call the Information Center and see for sure. You know just a little string light of Hope that it is a Temp Ban,

  2. good luck chin and you all need to give the rofl drg mor meds i think.

  3. We love you Chin! although im a stickler for following rules, i prolly would of done the same thing. keep ya head up girl!! we all support you!

  4. Thats too bad! Chin if you really dupped items you deserved that unfortunetly. I aggree with the situation that everyone who duped should get the same (perma bann). We all here playing FFXI for really have fun, but its really unfair with all other players around the community to have people who is cheating or using any kind of way to have advantage over other players (or situation).
    We’re all fighting againts RMT, bots and such and to hear that someone who everyone was expecting to be “an example” did such thing is like… the worst thing that would be happen.
    Other thing I really thing that should be done is: If they know people duped items, just take those items out and let them to continue to play. I bet they would learn a lesson.
    Good luck trying to get your account back.

  5. Yeah we had a item duping scandal on Leviathan Server, I think about 6-8 people from my HNMLS got banned for it. They duped K-Clubs, E-Bows and gil up the wahzoo. This was about 3-4 years ago. I think one guy even got banned for excepting duped gil in trade.

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