Pet Food Alpha 136: The Six Sided Coin

Pet Food Alpha

New Hosts. New Polls. New Episode.

  • Steak and his wife get BST to 44
  • Fusion becomes a dazzling dance diva
  • Chin gets more gear to make Fusion jealous
  • Squigg does some nyzul assault
  • Duelly talks about his jugs
  • Teila tries out MMM

10 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 136: The Six Sided Coin

  1. Potato chips + Jim beam and coke + Pet Food Alpha Episode 136 = Best day evahz!

    Star Sibyl Muffins! o/

  2. Character Name: Any Elvaan Male
    Product Type: Dhalmel transformer! Or with gadget-like neck.

    ..Yeah.. I got nothin’ xD

  3. If you use the un official windower and all the other plug-ins and still voted that logging hate is not a legitimate strategy then you are a hypocrite. True these seem like two different things but its along the same context that was discussed in the show. I am positive SE did not intend for the un-official windower to be a legitimate tool to be used in game but many people use it because it works for them to make this game easier. Logging hate works for them to make that battle easier.

    Let me give an example of one thing everyone knows about already that came out to be one thing but players changed it to be something else and SE gave in. Ninja was intended to be a DD job but players made it a tank job so SE gave them equip with Enmity and – damage gear to make tanking easier. Players do not want to deal with that the 9 Astral Flows so they avoid it their way and a method that many players use for other things in game that works for them. This isn’t cheating by any means and is a legitimate strategy that works. We should not be forced to have to deal with SE’s sadistic mobs in this game time after time and then strong armed into defeating it by their rules.

  4. @Sentinal
    There’s a difference between seeing your recast timer on the screen (which is already available through spell and ability menus) and purposely logging out for the purpose of shedding hate or avoiding an enemy’s attack. Some people like their information displayed more easily and believe logging out to avoid attacks is wrong . Doesn’t make them a hypocrite.

  5. If SE had intended for you to have that information they would have given it to you from the get go but they didnt because that was not part of how they wanted the game to be played.

  6. Sentinal Says: “We should not be forced to have to deal with SE’s sadistic mobs in this game time after time and then strong armed into defeating it by their rules.”

    SE’s game. SE’s rules.
    Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst.
    I can’t shake the feeling a “patch” is coming…

  7. Sentinal: Recast plug-in shows the recast times just up on the screen. You can call them with a simple built in command that was already in the game or by viewing them in the menu. If SE really cared they would ban people solely for windower use but since that’s not the case people will continue to use it and SE will continue to look the other way since a majority of their PC base use it.

  8. nothing wrong with the recast plug in my opinion, you could also spam your macros and see the recast time “error message” over and over and over again seeing the time decrease but thats simply no fun and make me feel like an idiot lol

  9. Recast plugin is the best thing ever. There is also a display plugin that shows when buffs wears off. That is a wonderful thing for any mage.

  10. zomgeinwol~! Go go CactaurExpress! I’m in that Linkshell too xD

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