Pet Food Alpha 124: Should Be Drakesbane But Da Da Do Be Do

Pet Food Alpha

Opiate. Nyzul Isle. Drakesbane and more!

  • Steak jumps on the Nyzul bandwagon
  • Fusion gets the bestest weapon skill EVER!!11!one!!
  • Chinchilla pimps out her DRK to make Fusion jealous
  • Squigg gets her dagger of trials

9 thoughts on “Pet Food Alpha 124: Should Be Drakesbane But Da Da Do Be Do

  1. for the record, never drink 2 5 hour energy drinks at once, it is not 10 hours of energy, its just not good.

  2. Steak’s next single: “The DRG is the Word” – almost have enough for the first PFA album.

    ba-ba-ba-ba-ba mmm-NOM-NOM ba-ba mmm-NOM-NOM-NOM …lawls :)

  3. I got 14 pencils and other things from that…. I started to decline prizes after a while though, just wanted to play XD. Gave a few to the little Taru Girl as a RDM because she had a hard time with the Nerf Bow&Arrow thing and a couple to a few friends. This WHM has RACC somehow ~:3

  4. i gotta say i can’t disagree more with chin. she sounded like someone in an abusive relationship trying to rationalize it. there are simple things they can do to prevent items from being lost when time runs out in any event. it doesn’t add to the challenge, it just punishes people for pushing their limits to win. if this is SE’s way to control the drop rate, then they should just lower the drop rate. it’s not like it’s the end of the world if more people get the gear they want. and you should never have to hp so gear drops. it’s bad programming and not cool.

  5. mightyg, there’s a difference between bad programming and bad design. This is NOT bad programming, this is more like bad design. However, I will have to counter the bad design argument by saying that Nyzul is all luck. You could easily get 4 floors that take 25 minutes total then get a boss (idk if the times for boss is feasible but this is for example’s sake) and kill him in 4 minutes and 40 seconds. Yeah, you won, but luck kicked you in the butt. Its like getting claim on a NM and he drops an earth crystal and not his awesome drop. All luck. Besides, you could turn around and do the SAME floors the next time and get 1-2 easy as hell floors, beat the boss and still have 10 minutes left (again, examples sake). If it was like that for EVERY set of boss runs, how is that challenging? They said it on the show, half the challenge of Nyzul Isle is the randomness of it all. Now i’m not saying that losing a drop because of a time out is cool, it is something awful to see it and no one gets it.

    As i’ve stated in the article’s comments, all assaults are like this. You don’t clear the pool before you leave, you lose the stuff. Nyzul is an assault, plain and simple. If you don’t have time, you don’t have time. You either take the fail or you take the win, gear is there as a bonus if you have the time. Go ask a random assault static and see if they’ve ever had to skip the treasure box just because they wanted a win (which in nyzul means more progress is recorded and tokens are rewarded). Could you make a lobby zone like steak suggested? Probably without too much effort. Will they? Unlikely.

  6. oh man! It’s so hard to choose! I Love my drakesbane and I agree that it’s awesome… but I also agree with chin in saying that keyboard > lolgamecontroller… oh.. and mouse is just fail, Steak… Fail… ; ;

  7. PwrGamerX i completly agree with you. but there’s a big difference between a chest in a regular assault, and a really nice piece of gear from nyzul. I simply believe that aside from luck, playing well as a party has a lot to do with nyzul isle as well, and people should not be punished for getting bad luck on floors, getting through them anyways, beating a boss, and running out of time AFTER it dies. and programming and design are one in the same with mmo’s.

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